AIR―ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Lower Austria is an interdisciplinary programme for architects, visual artists, musicians and writers

In times of globalisation and in view of the speed of cultural transfers, it is more important than ever to seek intercultural dialogue characterised by tolerance and mutual respect. To promote the international exchange of artists, the state of Lower Austria has therefore initiated an artist-in-residence programme and built five studio flats and a large communal space on the Kunstmeile Krems - in the attic of a former carpet factory.
Scholarships are awarded to artists from the fields of visual arts, literature, architecture and music to ensure that the studios are used in a variety of ways.

The studio flats, which have hosted artists of various nationalities since 2000, serve as temporary living and working spaces and facilitate not only international but also interdisciplinary exchange.

The aim is an exchange with international institutions that also award artist scholarships and guest studios in order to enable Lower Austrian artists to spend time abroad as artist-in-residence.

More information at AIR – ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Niederöstereich (

© Marina Uzelac
© Andrej Grilc
© Karlina Knezin
© Chiara Pavolucci
© Klaas Boelen
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