Lettischer Jugendchor "Kamer..." im Klangraum Krems Minoritenkriche

About the Festival

The Imago Dei festival has been presenting music from different eras, cultures and religions since 1999. Every spring, the Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche becomes a special cultural venue.

© Gerald Lechner

About the Festival

In the weeks before Easter and during Holy Week, the medieval sound space of Krems Minoritenkirche, a secularized church from the 13th century, has been the venue for an extraordinary spring festival for more than 20 years. Concerts of early and contemporary music, dance, literature and performance projects - some of them commissioned works - span the festival's diverse program.

Since 1999 (founded by Jo Aichinger), the festival has been presenting music from different eras, cultures and religions. What began as a small Easter festival during Holy Week has long since grown into a series of events lasting several weeks with concerts, literature, film and discourse. Dramaturgically, the program revolves around an annual theme.

From 2022-2024, the festival will be under the direction of Nadja Kayali, who will continue the spirit of festival founder Jo Aichinger, but program the festival with her very individual point of view. From 2025, Albert Hosp, who directs the Glatt&Verkehrt festival, will curate the Imago Dei festival.

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  • © Sascha Osaka Imago Dei
  • Atmo Osterfestival Imago Dei 2014, Osterklangfeuer 19.4.
Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche
    © Sascha Osaka
  • Osterfestival Imago Dei 2015
Klangraum Krems Minortitenkirche Atmo
Les Percussions de Strasbourg & Ensemble Arcantus_037
    © ©Sascha Osaka, Klangraum Krems Minortitenkirche
  • Osterfestival Imago Dei 2017 (31.3.)
    © Sascha Osaka, Osterfestival Imago Dei
  • © Helmut Lackinger/Klangraum Krems
  • Ensemble Shams
    © Helmut Lackinger