"your memories are idealized" (2021)

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Krems Klangraum Krems Kapitelsaal Klangraum Krems Kapitelsaal Klangkunst


June 4th - June 27th 2021

It inflates, becomes plump. It surges in the space, thrusting from the window sill into the room like a cubist light beam. Filled with air, a volume reflects shimmers of light onto the walls of the Kapitelsaal.

But then the apparent bulge slackens once again. Barely perceptible, the metal-like foil slowly caves in upon itself. Fragile light silhouettes accompany the loss of volume.

But the expectations remain. 

An installation by Gerald Moser in an interplay of air and light, volume and space, constant change and endless repetition, formlessness and association.


Gerlad Moser

Interdisciplinarity and complexity characterise the works of Gerald Moser.

Our perception is challenged as the very act of viewing is declared a creative momentum and, through the interventions, one’s experience of space becomes a tangible sensation. Ephemeral materials, movement, and light play an important role in connecting the spatial with the temporal dimension.

As an artist, exhibition designer, or in curatorial projects, Moser focuses on a dialogue between genres. Without reservations about overlaps with other disciplines, he transcends boundaries and deliberately employs unexpected combinations to reveal new perspectives and fields of action.


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