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Krems Klangraum Krems Kapitelsaal Klangraum Krems Kapitelsaal


March 29th - April 22nd 2019

Several hundred small loudspeakers form plant-like structures on the walls of the Kapitelsaal and create silent sounds comprised of natural and synthetic sources. The German-Canadian composer, sound designer, and publisher Robin Minard uses ferroelectric piezo loudspeakers for his series of works Silent Music, which he started in 1994 and adapts anew for each specific space. The multi-channel recordings transmitted over the targeted sound sources generate diverse spatial effects. For Imago Dei Minard’s sound materials are bells, which once hung in churches that were destroyed during the devastating bombings of Magdeburg, Germany in 1945. These damaged bells never made it back into the church towers again, and since that time they have been shrouded in silence. For the installation in the Kapitelsaal in Krems, Silent Music has been extended with a set of sounding objects acoustically activated with transducers.

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