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Krems Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

June 7th - September 8th 2019

This installation is a reworking of the renaissance choral music Spem in Alium by the English composer Thomas Tallis (1514 - 1585) in which Cardiff recorded 40 separate voices of the Salisbury festival choir and plays them back through 40 speakers strategically placed throughout the space. The artist puts the visitor in the middle of one of the most complex pieces of choral polyphony ever composed. She creates a piece that would allow parti- cipants „to climb inside the music“ and connect with the disparate voices.

Cardiff‘s Forty Part Motet won the National Gallery of Canada‘s Millennium Prize in 2001.

The Forty Part Motet was produced by Field Art Projects in cooperation with Arts Council England, Salisbury Festi- val, Baltic Gateshead, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Now Festival Nottingham, sung by the Salisbury Cathedral Choir, recorded and edited by Sound Moves Edited by Georges Bures Miller.

Janet Cardiff

was born in Brussels in 1957. She studied at Queen‘s University in Kingston, Ontario and the University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta.

Like other artists of her generation, Janet Cardiff has chosen to work in a variety of media, including video, ins- tallation and recorded sound. Cardiff‘s pieces usually circle around the same themes - memories, displacement and desire. Disconnected thoughts, sounds, conversations and events are strung together in a sequence that suggests suspense and mystery. Cardiff creates virtual spaces anchored in reality. She takes her participants to the crossroads of fiction and reality, the actual and the virtual, things remembered and those newly experienced - a place where her words, sounds and visual imagery come together in hypnotic and emotional intensity.

Cardiff works with her partner George Bures Miller. Autonomous as well as joint works arise. Cardiff and Miller live and work in Berlin and Grindrod, British Columbia, Canada.

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