03. October 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Perlonex + Charlemagne Palestine

Ignaz Schick: cymbal cups, turntable, objects, looper; Joerg Maria Zeger: guitars, effects; Burkhard Beins: percussion, zither, objects

Strange pieces of clothing, stuffed toys, Napolean Cognac and an infinite number of cigarettes often serve as Charlemagne Palestine’s requisites in his obsessive, shamanic sound quests. His multimedia performances including videos, paintings or even sculptures have gained cult status.

Alongside prominent artists like La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Phil Glass, Steve Reich and Tony Conrad he is one of the founders of Minimal Music. Charlemagne Palestine made his first musical experience as a child singer of droning bass-accentuated bourdon sounds in the local synagogue’s choir in Brooklyn, New York.

A little later he started to perform at the carillon, a physically quite challenging instrument similar to a bell play to be operated with one’s fists. 15 years later he once more makes use of this technique at his often eccentric performances at the Bösendorfer Imperial or at powerful organs. Charlemagne Palestine’s bourdon chords, his love for arguing overtones as well as the pure physicality of sounds had a great impact on contemporary musicians between pop and avant-garde like Glenn Branca or Sonic Youth.

His collaboration with the trio Perlonex was born in a common performance at the Podewil in Berlin in 2004 which was followed by numerous further Perlonex & Palestine events. The Berlin-based trio Perlonex was formed in 1998 and is composed of the electronics musician Ignaz Schick, guitarist Joerg Maria Zeger with punk and new wave origins and Burkhard Beins playing all sorts of percussion instruments and the zither.

A quite unique way of playing electro-acoustic music has developed on the basis of analogue and digital instruments, spread out in long-developing ranges and repetitive loops with fine and all but isolated layers and a minimalist style poor in beats—exactly the right pulse beat for the play with Charlemagne Palestine.

© Ingo Scheffler & Stefan Petkoff

© Ingo Scheffler & Stefan Petkoff

Perlonex + Charlemagne Palestine: Part one