26. September 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Okkyung Lee - Keith Rowe - Kjell Bjørgeengen

Okkyung Lee (cello, noise); Keith Rowe (guitar, electronics); Kjell Bjørgeengen (videoperformance)

Sound and image are charging each other. In numerous projects the Norwegian video artist Kjell Bjørgeengen offensively dedicates himself to electronically generated improvisational music. In his video works the former painter who became known through his space-related media installations focalises one central topic of today’s visual perception: the flickering of screens.

Live on stage Bjørgeengen co-operates with the guitarist and electronics artist Keith Rowe, their common focus lying in the attempt of generating video images and music in exchange with each other. The project’s switch point is the computer hard disk where sound and image join up as algorithm and influence each other digitally.

Keith Rowe, who comes from jazz music and who started his career in the 1960s around Mike Westbrook and Lou Gare, has more and more turned to free jazz and today is seen as one of the old masters of improvisation in the fields of new electronics.

For Kontraste, the project was extended by the New York-based Korean chello player and noise musician Okkyung Lee. Lee, who after her classical education and composition studies is one of the key figures of present-day free music, works together with Marc Ribot, Laurie Anderson, Carla Buzolich, Derek Baily, Mark Dresser and others.
In the common play of the multimedia trio video images influence the musical improvisations and vice versa, while the wires are heating up and the various levels are being transformed via the switch point of the digital matrix.

© Øystein Wika & Okkyung Lee

© Øystein Wika & Okkyung Lee