25. September 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Mäuse feat. Max Müller

Tex Rubinowitz: vocals, violin; Gerhard Potuznik: guitar; Philipp Quehenberger: organ; Didi Kern: drums; Support: Max Müller, vocals

The festival kick-off promises to be a trendy-whacky one. The core of Mäuse is formed by electronics artist Gerhard Potuznik and cartoonist and early evening programme entertainer Tex Rubinowitz. Their musical bastard may be circumscribed as “electro clash”: a wild mix putting pop down to its trivial essence in a way that any allusions shine anew from their alleged brilliance—strange music, sounding bizarrely familiar.
Given the Mäuse’s reunion, the occasionally stuttering drum machine of the past seems to be long forgotten, especially in their extended cast as an all-star band: with the sovereign button-twister Philipp Quehenberger whose beat storms frequently smear along in reverse, and with Didi Kern from Fuckhead and Wipeout who abuses electro-house phrasings on his sampler as if being in a run-down lo-fi studio.
As a guest star Berlin-based poet, singer and composer Max Müller climbs the stage. With the band Mutter he likes to drive his voice into existentialistic abysses and every now and then wallows in light muse, yet always with strange text material.
Pure electronics is what Mäuse shake off for the benefit of crooked synth and garage beats, accompanied by melodies that occasionally pitch into emotionalism. The frame of pop is being stretched until any austerity left ends up in a glittering question mark.

© Hertha Hurnaus

© Hertha Hurnaus