26. September 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Lappetites Fathers

Kaffe Matthews, Ryoko Akama, Antye Greie aka AGF, Blanca Regina Perez-Bustamante

Four women at the front of new electronic music unfold micro samples at the computer and present extracts from their planned opera “Fathers“ in which they draw strong portraits of their fathers by the means of acoustically interwoven snatches of opera singers’ voices, fragments of melodies, cut-up noises or children’s songs as onomatopoeic collages. The work is based on a three-year research about the musicians’ lives of their real fathers, a former senior officer of the GDR National People’s Army, a Korean business man who emigrated to Japan and an English farmer who is still engaged in agriculture.

The approach, partly assembled from film images running side by side, is composed of topographic search movements and takes from the portrayed men’s surroundings. The associative order of the images generates a visual grammar of geographical and historical rooms as well as of the forms of the personal dialogue in the close-up. Live on stage, atmospheric sound spaces are being modulated over a number of channels. The homage set in worlds in between not only reflects patterns of daughter-father relationships, but also tells about a sparkling love for noise. Machines are buzzing; the rattling of little pieces from the inside of digital memory devices becomes alive; the grinding of grainy deposits becomes audible; noises from the old industrial world: little bells, metallic drumming. Still, the fragile sound does not become unbalanced when the Lappetites mini-orchestra musicians develop their patterns with a boding overtone, even where they drift away from the universe of common rhythms and harmonies.

The project was born as an online co-operation around Kaffe Matthews from England, one of today’s most active composers, improvising musicians and electronics networkers who has collaborated with musicians like Otomo Yoshihide, Zeena Parkins, Christian Fennesz, Charles Hayward, Jon Rose, Pan-sonic or Butch Morris. Lappetites was created in the course of a concert in New York as an open platform for female musicians in 2001. In their current cast the Lappetites not only are a trans-continental, but with the 1932-born French electronics composer Eliane Radigue also a trans-generational network.

© Lappetites

© Lappetites