26. September 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Klammer/Gründler Duo ToysRus 3.0

for drums, computing, E-guitar and 8 speakers
Josef Klammer: concept, dr, live-electronics; Seppo Gründler: e-guit., live-elektronics

Josef Klammer – take two. Klammer relates to systems, and he is the one to construct them, too. This time with Seppo Gründler at his side. Since a quarter of a century, the two have collectively acted as a highly advanced creative cell of the exploration of new sound potentials. High time for a Kontraste act.

In TOYSRUS the drummer’s live play passes into its real-time modulation. Klammer extracts the data flow from his own gestures, his dynamics and the independence of his four extremities at the drums. Pitches, delay times and filterings as well as the separation of the sounds itself head at the 8-channel speaker system. Electronically and electrically he is accompanied by Seppo Gründler at the guitar.

© kgart

© kgart