26. September 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Josef Klammer Drumming is an elastic notion

concert for three concert drums and electronics

The sound of the material is being explored. Josef Klammer’s drums for this concert are equipped with extraordinary membranes: glass that is being played to the limits of its shattering, and latex drumheads the elasticity and extensibility of which slow down the drums endlessly and make them breathe and pump. The concept’s vanishing point can be found in the periodic table of the elements at the entry for silicium. Not only is silicium contained in latex, but moreover it is the elementary basis for glass. And it functions as a conductor in the microchips of Josef Klammer’s electronic equipment. Audio experiences in the silicium age. Silentium silicium!

© O. Klammer

© O. Klammer