03. October 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Daniel Sanchez Mitote Orchestra

Trash for some... wellness for others!!!

Final presentation of a workshop with mit Daniel Sanchez in the course of the Long Night of Museums in front of the Kunsthalle Krems

Mihote is a circular Aztec dance. As a symbolic connection between heaven and earth the term also stands for “cloud” and “snake”, pointing at the fact that the dance is a fertility dance.
In the course of a two-week workshop in Krems dancer and musician Daniel Sanchez forms a percussion orchestra the instruments of which are built by the workshop participants themselves out of the most diverse everyday objects and recycling materials. Together, a drum performance on the basis of Afro-American and African rhythms is then worked out. A democratic, cooperative project with ecological backgrounds which conveys the basics of the construction of instruments and wants to contribute to the understanding of outer-European rhythmical structures.
To open the Long Night of Museums the performance will be staged in the middle of the public space of the Kunstmeile Krems.

Workshop: September 14 – 18, 1 - 2 gatherings in the week prior to October 4 by arrangement

© Daniel Sanchez

© Daniel Sanchez