25. September 2009

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

alva noto + Blixa Bargeld

Alva Noto: electronics; Blixa Bargeld: vocals

Blixa Bargeld’s sonorous voice along the sounds formatted on a computer hard disk by Alva Noto alias Carsten Nikolai. As a duo two singular masters with completely different backgrounds clash: the German electronics musician Carsten Nikolai acts within the interfering spheres of arts and science. In numerous works he relates to abstract, crystalline structures. Blixa Bargeld alias Christian Emmrich, on the other hand, became known as the founder of the existentialistic noise makers Einstürzende Neubauten in Cold War Berlin and for more than one decade and a half used to be a part of Nick Cave’s band Bad Seeds.

Together, Alva Noto and Bargeld developed a musical concept based on the connection between abstraction and improvisation. Bargeld’s impulsive vocal live performance and the advanced beat structures and sound scapes melt to an unexpected outcome of rhythm and expressive voice. The basis for this blend is the ongoing spontaneous development of his talking and singing performance, building on the deconstruction and elaboration on existing text material as well as the reinterpretation of traditional songs.

Both like to experiment with their own sound material and in unison develop sound architectures at the borderline between language and music. They have gotten rid of metaphorical bric-a-brac; phrases are being stripped to their skeleton, morpheme after morpheme. Just like Carsten Nicolai explores the depths of the elementary basic structures of sound.
The artists’ co-operation goes back to a common performance at the Recombinant Media Studios in San Francisco 2007.

© Kai Kepenek & Sebastian Mayer / AEIOU

© Kai Kepenek & Sebastian Mayer / AEIOU