03. October 2008

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Subshrubs mute


Angélica Castelló: recorder, electronics; Katharina Klement: piano, electronics; Maja Osojnik: recorders, voice, electronics; Billy Roisz: electronics

subshrubs: four unconventional musicians who have been composing and improvising together since 2006 with a seemingly chaotic collection of cheap and high electronics, piano, big and small recorders, preparations, ancient and medieval turntables, TV sets as sound sources, computers, cables, etc. KONTRASTE experiences the premiere of the collective composition “mute” with the musicians’ natural voices as the basic material which are caught by pre-recordings, then rearranged, “contracted”, stretched, transformed, converted, reshaped and remodelled to finally be restored to freedom.

© Dieter Kovacic

© Dieter Kovacic