04. October 2008

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Soap&Skin Untitled

Anja Plaschg comes from the countryside near Graz. Now, she lives in Vienna and is better known under her stage name Soap&Skin. Much has been written during the past months about the very young artist who accompanies herself on the piano. The Berlin “Tageszeitung” even elected her “Austria’s next wunderkind”—certainly media euphemism, but the melancholic songs do impress by their affective depth, empathy and quality already on the first hearing. Beyond all overheated media expectations, it’s only the music that counts in the end. It’s this fragile, both clear and shady voice of Soap&Skin in which something dark, endangered breaks ground and charms its listeners.

No doubt: Anja P. alias Soap&Skin is walking in the footprints of Christa P. alias Nico, and similarly to the Velvet Underground icon the sad songs she composed herself at times reach mystical density. Speaking of it, in a Berlin theatre production this coming winter, Anja Plaschg plays and interprets Christa “Nico“ Päffgen who died in a bicycle accident on Ibiza 20 years ago, also on stage by the end of the year at the co-production place Wiener Brut. Is their last names’ similarity but a coincidence?

In the course of KONTRASTE Soap&Skin exclusively presents her first album release: the EP “untitled“ including two compositions by herself, one Nico cover version and a remix of Christian Fennesz (Couch Records / PIAS Recordings), rounded off by songs of the debut album coming out in early 2009. Certainly, this release concert at the Klangraum Krems will become a night of great emotions!

© Daniel Hafner

© Daniel Hafner