03. October 2008

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Nicolas Anatol Baginsky The Three Sirens

Robot band

Aglaopheme – slide guitar
Peisinoe – bass
Thelxiepeia – drums
Elizabeth G2 – voice

The Three Sirens is the name of a robot band—an “autodidactic, information devouring machine” as its creator, the artist Nicolas Anatol Baginsky, likes to call it. The musicians are named after sirens of Greek mythology: shiny Aglaeopheme as the guitar, seducing Peisinoe as the bass, and the magic singer Thelxiepeia as the virtuoso drum kit. Recently, the band has been supported by the robot voice “Elizabeth G2”. What is special about these musical gadgets is their creationist autonomy—based on one programming only, a neuronal network provides them with independent capacity to act. They are programmed, yet what and how they are going to play not even Baginsky can tell. Consequently, Baginsky officially registered his musicians as artists.

© Nicolas Baginsky

© Nicolas Baginsky