11. October 2008

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Felix Kubin

Felix Kubin: organ, electronics, voice

Felix Kubin, born in 1969, once a teen star and then mastermind of the dada-communist FDJ singing group “Liedertafel Margot Honecker” with their single “Vorwärts, Freie Deutsche Jugend” as an integral part of students’ parties at the beginning of the 1980s, has come a long way: In the year 2008, hardly anyone else succeeds as light-footedly as Kubin in the balancing act between high and low-fi, arts and pop, out-of-space humour and elegiac seriousness, between opera, radio play and club sound.
Kubin’s virtuoso play of seemingly both ancient and futuristic analogous sound machines is inspired by 20th century classical music, by electro-pioneers of the 60s like Stockhausen and Raymond Scott, as well as by German electro-pop of the early 80s, e.g. Kraftwerk, Der Plan or Palais Schaumburg.
The hyperactive artist even finds time to run his label “Gagarin Records”, which specializes in the production of vinyls and celebrates its 10th anniversary in autumn 2008 in the course of a short tour.

At KONTRASTE the Hamburg-based musician presents a special programme with rarely heard radio play and theatre music.

© Felix Kubin

© Felix Kubin