11. October 2008

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche


Hans-Joachim Irmler: keybord; Michael Stoll: bass, flute; Jan Fride Wolbrandt: drums, percussion; Lars Paukstat: percussion, harmonica, voice; Steven Wray Lobdell: guitar; John Silk: sound

With Faust, founded in Hamburg in 1971, one of the most influential of all German bands returns to Austria after their legendary performance at the donaufestival two years ago; parts of the concert were recently released on “Kleine Welt” (Ektro Records).

Artists like Radiohead, Godspeed! You Black Emperor and even the Red Hot Chili Peppers quote the band as one of their most important inspirations. Julian Cope, in his most significant reader “Krautrocksampler”, describes Faust as the most mysterious of all bands and does have a point there: hardly any musical collective of the 70s has raised the political and aesthetic entropy of the alternative culture of the time to a trademark in such an emphatic way—a fact that also led to the early breakdown of the band in the middle of the decade. After a longer break the formation came back onto the stages of the international music business in the 1990s—with “Rien”, produced by the then adolescent Jim O’Rourke. Ever since, Faust make their mark with rare, explosive and confusing concerts, also by massively employing pyrotechnics and straw chaff cutters.

For the end of 2008 the overdue new studio album under the band-owned “Klangbad” label can be expected—a reminiscence to the ensemble’s roots in the primitivistic garage rock of the Monks and the Troggs: no doubt, this band has lost nothing of its original radical spirit!

© Claudio Hils

© Claudio Hils