11. October 2008

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Arnaud Paquotte nocturnes électriques

According to Arnold Schönberg, art is not a matter of skills, but of duty.

Arnaud Paquotte’s machine objects are both toys and instruments transforming electric impulses and power into motion. Their movements are soft, poetical, yet incredibly intense—truly electrical „nocturnes“ which the French E-bassist and sound artist created. They don’t tell stories but embody the archetype of relationships between mechanical subjects. Paquotte comes up with intense games for his machines which at times desperately, at times joyfully or a bit ridiculously attempt to coordinate their movements. In this way, one creature pursues its tail, while others argument with each other, get stuck, or angrily slash around themselves. Endless waiting may lead to a senseless outburst of fury, but each act, sound or light is approaching one big dreamlike choreography of poetry.
Arnaud Paquotte is a musician and inventor of sound sculptures which he likes to develop further in live performances, with light and motion. Within their electrifying area, his randomly acting sound machines are at the mercy of their own unpredictable plot.

© Arnaud Paquotte

© Arnaud Paquotte