10. October 2008

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Akemi Takeya & guests: Metalyceé / Keiko Higuchi Red Point

Part 1 – s.e.e.d. / part 2 – s.h.o.o.t. / part 3 – b.l.o.o.m.

Akemi Takeya aka Dahlia Lana: concept, direction, choreography, composition, screening, performance; Tanja Tomic: Strukt: visual environment
Armin Steiner: Moogund; Bernhard Breuer: drums; Matija Schellander: bass; Nik Hummer: Trautonium; Keiko Higuchi: voice, piano

Akemi Takeya’s performance piece “Red Point” represents a symbolic metaphor of life, permanently changing, transforming and taking on different forms. The piece aims at a contemporary form of the artistic self-portrait with a characteristic dramaturgy employing certain forms of “interpretation”: onomatopoeia in the movement of the body and multiple vocal progressions. Both motifs are based on the synchronisation of the human body’s breathing techniques and geometrically designed sound. The piece is a collaboration of Takeya, the Viennese band Metalycée and the collective Strukt, the latter being responsible for the projections. As a guest musician from Japan, Keiko Higuchi comes on stage. The heart of all sounds, images and texts are Akemi Takeya’s “stories”: a Japanese woman as a stranger in the Western world, as human being and as a performer—inside and outside—always in individually rotating motion, in encounters characterised by cultural conflicts.

Akemi Takeya’s versatile education in Japan, as well as her co-operations with artists from various directions make her a universally gifted protagonist between Eastern and Western culture, tradition and modernism in the fields of dance, theatre, film/video, photography, and music.

Metalycée was founded by Armin Steiner and Nik Hummer, the sound artists “thilges 3”. Since 2007, singer Melita Jurisic, drummer Bernhard Breuer and bass player Matija Schellander have been with the band. „They invented a new form of toughness without brutality. Similar to the Drone bands, it’s not speed that counts, but depth in all respects.

Keiko Higuchi studied various voice techniques, as well as body movement. Her musical work reaches from performances with dancers and other artists of improvisation to more recent solo works, identifying her not only as a voice performer but also as a singer whose repertoire includes cover songs from pop, rock, jazz, and blues.

© Akemi Takeya, Keiko Higuchi, Metalycée

© Akemi Takeya, Keiko Higuchi, Metalycée