12. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Silent Block “Matière Chargée”

Frédéric le Junter (F): vocals, self-made instruments, sound machines
Xavier Charles (F): loud speakers, sound objects, toy instruments
Jérôme Jeanmart (F): vocals, percussion, mechanical devices, sensors, pickups
Stéphane Levigneront (F): sound technique, technical adaptation
"music unlimited/felix (": text

Their stage rather looks like an electro-mechanic’s work place or a construction site: on three tables a collection of things tower which could have been found in kid’s rooms, physics lab, electronics’ workshops, and scrap yards. Tools, toys, parts of music instruments, laboratory devices, electrical scrap, junk—and everything connected to pickups and electronically amplified.

What might become boring about digital sound generation—the invisibility of the process—can be followed sound by sound with Silent Block, and mostly it is pretty funny, too: snail shells jumping on speaker membranes, the rotors of discarded recording machines making several springs swing and sound… Out of this chaos Silent Block creates the craziest, most beautiful sound imaginable. Jumping things on vibrating objects, self-made blowing and drumming devices, a rhythm box made of car bodies. The audience is thereby moving freely through the room, from one working table to the next, looking over the musicians’ shoulders: an incredible factory bustle of sounding and grooving formations for eyes and ears. Living electronics!

© NOE Festival

© NOE Festival