13. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Nista Nije Nista

Ute-Marie Paul (D): saxophone, clarinet, percussion, vocals
Hemma Pototschnig (A): keyboard, electronics, vocals
Rebecca Harrs (AUS): bass, percussion, vocals
Nina Reisinger (D): guitar, vocals

NOTHING is not NOTHING—sensually tricky and charmingly playful the four-woman band handles its sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, clotheshorses, keyboards, computers, saxophone, and drums in combination with spicy lyrics.

“In our utopian illusion we speak and talk in dialogue and as collision at the same time.”

Along the dirt trail of the art school/pop band—tracked at the times of the Stones and the Beatles and finally broadened into a highway during the era of glam rock and punk—the originally Viennese women’s collective is moving in a highly creative way. The four artists—today spread out all over the globe—met at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna: non-musicians and fluxus performers from Germany, Australia and Austria choosing and using music as their medium.
Driven by the rattling and buzzing of a sewing machine from the pool of a liberated global sweat shop, free improvisation, noise, absurd word games, ironic allusions, simple songs, and totally opaque strategies overlay and commentate.

Nista Nije Nista were discovered by mastermind Hans-Joachim Irmler who might show up as a guest player at the Krems concert—who knows? More than certain is the women’s choice of a special performance for the night’s theme of trash’n’pop and their come-back to Austria, probably not sparing us the exaggerated cover version of the Monks’ “Cuckoo”—reduced to vocals and voice, it was the highlight of the Monks’ tribute album “Silver Monk Time” in 2006.

© NOE Festival

© NOE Festival