07. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche



Workshop: October 1-5
Final concert: Sunday, October 7, 11 a.m., Klangraum Krems Minorite Church

Shin Nakagawa (JAP): musical scientist, gamelan
Makoto Nomura (JAP): composer, gamelan
Shin Sakuma (JAP): Javanic dance
Yukihiro Nomura (JAP): film, art historian
Anant Narkkong (Thai): composer, music scientist, piphat
Johanes Subowo (Indon): dance, gamelan

Musicians, dancers, artists and scientists from Japan, Indonesia and Thailand founded I-Picnic as an ensemble for improvisation in 2004. The ensemble relies on the East Asian music culture’s affluence of improvisation, represented by the multinational members of the group, yet it also opens up to Western experimental music.

In Krems from October 1 to 7, I-Picnic directs a workshop in four different groups: music high school students, handicapped students and teenage pupils, as well as second-year ground school students, and adult members of the socio-culturally orientated club “Fund und Küste” in Krems/Stein. The work of I-Picnic is both based on the Zen-Buddhist philosophy and on the ideals and aesthetics of John Cage. I-Picnic works with people of different social background and origin, educated or uneducated, young or old, amateurish or professional, in any spatial or social situation. I-Picnic does not intend to teach; it is rather about the discovery and exposition of individual talents and skills, the central concept being “respect”. The collective sound research project with its four groups in Krems uses the most diverse collection of instruments: the classical gamelan, every-day sound tool findings, as well as European and self-made instruments. For one whole week, it is all about researching, composing, improvising, and also documenting the process on film—the results are collected and presented to an audience in a concert on October 7.

Further workshops in the course of Kontraste 07:
Alexis O’Hara: SUPER SONIC STORYTELLING (vocals, performance art, music)
Dorit Chrysler: Theremin workshop

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