12. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Hans Reichel & Kazuhis Uchihashi “King Pawns”

Hans Reichel (D): guitar, daxophone
Kazuhis Uchihashi (JAP): daxophone, E-guitar, electronics

The daxophone is composer, musician, guitar constructor, and typograph Hans Reichel’s invention. Each bow strike makes variously shaped wooden tongues sing, talk, rattle, or generate other highly amazing sound expressions. Reichel himself regards his family of instruments as capricious beings: “They are willful, stubborn, weather-sensitive, and moody. Some are pretty, some are rather plain; some are really loud, some are quiet mumblers; some are versatile and cooperative, some have only one thing in mind. I have talked to them, insulted them, or simply sawed one’s head off.”
For about 35 years, Hans Reichel has been one of the leading modernists in the fields of acoustic and electric guitar play on an international level. Not only does he work at the enlargement of common playing techniques, but also invents, creates and constructs totally new string instruments.

In Krems he performs together with composer and guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi from Osaka who started off in various rock bands, studied jazz music, then played with “First Edition”, founded his own band “Altered States”, and performed with Otomo Yoshihide’s group “Ground Zero”. He met Hans Reichel in 1991; recently, they released their first CD “King Pawns”.

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© NOE Festival