05. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Franz Hautzinger Trumpetorchestra “Gomberg II Profile“

Franz Hautzinger (A): trumpet
Aneel Soomary (UK): trumpet
Alfred Gaal (A): trumpet
Lorenz Raab (A): trumpet
Mazen Kerbaj (L): trumpet
Axel Dörner (D): trumpet
Carl Ludwig Hübsch (D): tuba
Ben Stapp (USA): tuba
Ralf Meinz (D): sound

Detours often lead to more exciting, unplanned destinations. Ten years of chronic lip paralysis forced Franz Hautzinger to explore his instrument in a unique, non-academic way, resulting in a fantastic, unheard-of cosmos of sounds: refined overtone melodies, percussive series of accents, gurgling, hissing, fizzing sounds in manifold shadings on the Seewinkel-born musician’s solo CD master piece “Gomberg” of the year 2000—one of the most important records of Austrian and European improvisational music of recent times.

Seven years later the “Gomberg” sounds have become the 44-year-old quarter-tone trumpeter’s most individual stylistic trademark. He has played in duo with guitar legend Derek Bailey, collaborated with the Berlin Zeitkratzer ensemble, and with electronic masters like Christian Fennesz or Otomo Yoshihide.
After all, “Gomberg” wouldn’t let go of the musician. The succeeding project offers a whole horde of brass players and condenses sound material to orchestral dimensions by voice multiplication. On the yet unreleased “Gomberg II” album this sounds simply fascinating: sinister, broad and bubbling sound morphologies, as well as organ-like cluster constructions raise the impression of a genius electronic sound craftsman having reached the spheres of warm overtones.

© NOE Festival

© NOE Festival