05. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Ensemble Extended Heritage ”Récital Misterioso”

Solo But Not Lonely

Compositions by Angélica Castelló and Burkhard Stangl

Angélica Castelló (Mex): record, electronics
Burkhard Stangl (A): guitar, vibrations
John Butcher (GB): sax
Dieb13 (A): turntables
Eva Reiter (A): records, gambe
Billy Roisz (A) electronics, visuals
Alfred Reiter (A): sound

In sublime eventlessness we dispense careful disorder. Like the sound of music—an apparatus for the elimination of time, deep memories remain without inscription. Most wonderful is always the unspeakable. Living insubordinate and stubborn in this world, without ever being part of it, gives way to reflective blandness.

What Herman Melville’s Moby Dick suggests evokes closeness to the introverted work of solo pieces, to the disquieting form of being reflected onto one’s own existence. A mystery to oneself, the secret is challenged to see through. This self-estrangement creates the distance needed for the cliché of one’s own musical I, and it surfaces new sound figures. It is remarkable how solo works can eye each other—just like the soloist interplay in the first half of the Récitals by Castelló and Stangl. Seamlessly, the Castelló/Stangl solos slide into the Concert for Saxophone and Quiet Players. Encircled by five instrumentalists, saxophone player John Butcher tells his own work through another person’s voice. Stangl puts soloists into a corset from which they easily escape.

in corporation with musik aktuell – zeitgenössische musik in NÖ along the theme of “solo-allein-privat”

© NOE Festival

© NOE Festival