06. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Dorit Chrysler “Levitations”

Dorit Chrysler (USA/A): vocals, theremin

Dorit Chrysler is the theremin’s sensual muse, its siren—hardly anyone else can generate such charming music with this mysterious violin of ether waves. She had her first rock band when she was thirteen, some more following during her music science studies, ending up with the New York guitar rock band Halcion. In the theremin—the strange, futuristic-looking apparatus that was created by the genius Russian physicist Lew Sergejewitsch Termen (1896-1993) in the course of inventing an alarm system—she has found her ideal medium of expression. This untouchable, ghost-like instrument combined with Dorit Chrysler’s extraordinary and strong voice sets free unheard-of music in a peculiarly familiar way. A true sheep in a wolf’s fur concerning acoustics: for Kontraste she plans to fill the Klangraum with orchestral theremin loop and vocal structures, cut short by intertwined song arrangements—so beautiful, you’ll feel like crying.

© NOE Festival

© NOE Festival