06. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Carillon Mobil – Midi Street Instruments “strange instruments”

11 a.m. City Centre (Daily Market)
6 p.m. Klangraum Krems (Minoritenplatz)
8 p.m. Klangraum Krems (Minoritenplatz)
11 p.m. Klangraum Krems (Minoritenplatz)

Within the scope of the “Long Night of Museums”
Carillon Mobil – Midi Street Instruments
A project by Remco de Jong, Edwin van der Heide, and Florentijn Boddendijk (NL)

Carillons, mechanic tower bell plays, originated in the Netherlands, spread over the rest of Europe and the world from the 15th century on, and are known from church towers, city halls, universities and other public buildings. Yet, mobile carillons are rare. Based on an idea by Remco de Jong a 12.5-ton heavy mobile carillon with 60 bells and two big Drehorgeln, equipped with a number of instruments like organ flutes, accordion, and wooden percussion instruments transform into an instrument of modern times. Altogether, the traditional instruments form a computer-driven space sound orchestra, performing works of international composers of experimental and electronic music. The compositions by Venetian Snares (CAN), Otto von Schirach (USA), Jean Jacques Perrey & David Chazam (F), Edwin van der Heide (NL), Like A Tim (NL), Phako & Florentijn Boddendijk (NL), Kettel (NL), Dijf Sanders (NL), and Red Jet (NL) are transferred to the three instruments in the form of MIDI data and sound through several mechanic translators.

The “Midi Street Instruments” can be heard in Krems within the scope of the “Long Night of Museums”. Prior to the performance, Remco the Jong talks about the instruments’ history and the compositions.

In cooperation with TodaysArt Festival, Den Haag, and club transmediale, Berlin.

Admission free!

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© NOE Festival