06. October 2007

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Alexis O’Hara “City of Sighs“

Alexis O’Hara (CAN): vocals, electronics

The androgen, Cimmerian-like, multi-talented, funny, and dubious artist is a fixed star in the Montreal cabaret and avant-noise scene. With pseudo-virtuous verbally, gutturally and technically generated melodies Alexis O’Hara gets tangled up in spontaneous sound and body battles expressing the general absurdities of life.
In her performance “City of Sighs” Alexis O’Hara breathes herself through the register of man’s arrogance and absurdity. In the form of a living dynamic sound sculpture she embodies wordless stories, a meditation of fear and longing, her voice transformed, multiplied, interfered and alienated by various forms of hi- and lo-technology, the distortion of one’s subjective perspective illustrated through visual projections.
Performance poetry, sound art and interactive life art is what O’Hara calls the genres that most closely define her work. Her performances with clothes running on batteries have become legendary—now she wires up with samplers and sends her voice on hypnotic and lyrical journeys.

In October 2007, Alexis O’Hara holds the AIR artist-in-residence scholarship.

© NOE Festival

© NOE Festival