29. September 2006

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Sonoritheque Martin Klapper & Tony Buck

Martin Klapper: films, toys, electronics
Tony Buck: drums

Born in Prague, the filmmaker and visual artist Martin Klapper now lives and works in Copenhagen. He manipulates film material found at flea markets, in refuse bins or elsewhere with scratched animations or chemical treatment and then plays it back at varying speeds. Klapper, who is also musician, from the improvisation scene who regularly plays with renowned international musicians, acts on stage in front of two tables full of mechanical toys, all kinds of everyday electronic gadgets and homemade instruments. The gigs, together with the Australian drumming genius Tony Buck, are rare treasures. Tony Buck is one of the most versatile and interesting artists of this genre. His playing is full of virtuosity and wit, both highly energetic and relaxed, chaotic and nonchalant, adaptive and still full of personal expression. Apart from his solos, Buck has been involved in a vast array of band projects. The spectrum ranges from intelligent trash-noise-impro such as Peril (among others with Otomo Yoshihide) or Kledka Red to The Necks, the legendary trio with bassist Lloyd Swanton and pianist Chris Abrahams, who developed a unique form of minimalist trance jazz.

© Sonoritheque

© Sonoritheque