14. October 2006

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Return to the Planet of People Takon Orchester

musika    A project by Musik Aktuell - Neue Musik in Niederösterreich
             (New Music in Lower Austria)


Direction: Cornelia Pesendorfer
Text and dramaturgy: Gerhard Kubik
Video: Doron Goldfarb
Composers: Sinosi Mlendo, Christopher Gerald
Composers of the Takon Orchester: Martin Ptak, Markus Mayerhofer, Chris Gonsior, Heinz Fallmann


There are only few orchestras in this country playing in their own co(s)mic league; the Takon orchestra is undoubtedly one of them. After a two-year break it is now teleporting itself to the year 3049 to see what will happen to us. An absurd spoken theatre with film sequences, four major music pieces and just as many scientists await the willing audience, which might get an answer to the question of the subjective creation of consciousness. The ethnologist and musicologist Gerhard Kubik, responsible for text and dramaturgy, borrows from the cult movie “Planet of the Apes”, though developing his own plot. The common denominator is presumably the criticism of civilisation. “The people in this performance”, argues Cornelia Pesendorfer, “have completely degenerated”. There are robotic factories, churning out things such as mobile phones or cans of food. The people themselves produce nothing and discover nothing any more, but only collect things The machines tell people what to do, because they no longer know it themselves.” Welcome to the present? Far from it! As already mentioned, the performance is set in a remote future. On the way there, “a series of disastrous nuclear and biochemical conflicts” will take place. Both, the earth and the spiritual potentialities of humanity are devastated. “The essence is”, according to Martin Ptak, “that in the end humanity is not even able to destroy itself.”

©  Return to the Planet of People

© Return to the Planet of People