07. October 2006

Österreichische Filmgalerie

My Life Between Exit Signs Lovely Rita & Ensemble Shadows

musika  A project by Musik Aktuell - Neue Musik in Niederösterreich
            (New Music in Lower Austria)


Anne Marie Fürthauer: images, vocals, sound
Martin Stepanik: piano, electronics


Christoph Gruber: electric guitar
Gernot Haslauer: double bass, trumpet
Alex Pohn: drums

The Austrian artist Anne Marie Fürthauer compiled fascinating snapshots of various film sequences from movies in the Austrian Film Museum, which function as a sort of photographic diary. Almost every day, Fürthauer captured stills of each film, always from the same perspective of the spectators’ seats. Assembled, these images narrate a completely new and very personal story. This story will be “re-projected” and completed by music composed by Martin Stepanic and performed by an invisible ensemble as a new and unconventional “audio film”.


“My life between the exit signs” is a tribute to the cinema per se, as a place where the spectators steps out of their own world in order to dive into another reality. Life is a movie – and the movie is life.

A project by Klangraum  Krems in cooperation with the Österreichische Filmgalerie

© Lovely Rita

© Lovely Rita