29. September 2006

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Links gehen-Rechts stehen (WALK ON THE LEFT-STAND ON THE RIGHT) Ana Maria Rodriguez / Steffi Weismann


Ana Maria Rodriguez | concept, composition, live-electronics
Steffi Weismann | concept, video, live video
Lucio Capece | bass clarinet /saxophone
Lucia Mense | recorders

The compositions by the Argentinean composer Ana Maria Rodriguez are inspired by unusual spaces. She is fascinated by the fact that a space is characterised by the complexity of superimposed movements, by different time responses whose intersections dissolve the linearity of time. The strict compliance to “traffic rules” symbolised and verbally purported by pictograms amuses her. For the treadmill such a rule is: “walk on the left – stand on the right”. In Steffi Weismann, Rodriguez has found a partner who shares both the joke of this behaviour in the transit room and who sees each situation as an artistic challenge. The Swiss performer and video artist is especially interested in the circumstances conditioning our perception or the functioning of orientation and the matter-of-factness with which we move in specific systems. Just as the always specific motion of crowds – laboured, fleet-footed, clumsy, patient – tells us something on the character of individuals, the four instrumental parts are above all characterised by the temporal features of their sequences of movements: by periodic and aperiodic, linear and non-linear sequences, by rhythmic and repetitive structures and different speeds. Each instrument thereby has its own noise-like, roughened sound-space.

© Steffi Weismann

© Steffi Weismann