29. September 2006

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Bioskop Lillevan& Zeitblom


Lillevan: Videos
zeitblom: bass, elektronic
martin siewert: gitarren
boram lie: cello
steve heather: percussion
ON architektur: Design

For the cinematic installation, Bioskop the artists involved explored the history of film, its scores and the cinema as a setting within the media. Artefacts from films and scores were processed, collaged and densely knit into a kind of meta film. Bioskop deals with the subject of the formal basic elements of the medium film, thus a kind of absolute film is created.

The projections of the digitally processed film fragments are based on thematic modules. It is no scientific analysis of film, but a sensual and artistic synthesis of structural and emotional aspects of film making. The silent pictures from different eras in conjunction with the music of Bioskop are condensed into an endless meta film. The projection in itself becomes a truly spatial experience: the spectator is at simultaneously in front of and behind the screen and can change their position. The collaged arrangements of parallel projected fragments of film suggest a view behind the camera and thus also into the strategy and complexity of image creation.

“At the beginning the projector lamps are glowing on the screen in such a bright white that you automatically try to protect your eyes. It is followed by calmness, vibrating luminous spots reminiscent of reflections on the surface of water. In the first half of the performance darkness dominates, only here and there do amorphous light spots appear like blurred after-images on the retina. Gradually, figurative images come out of the dark: location shots of buildings, staircases, a hand on a door handle, a still life with a vase of flowers, the silhouette of a mountain against the sky. Nothing remains for long; these rather felt than known impressions of shapes are rather tentative explorations of the repertoire of conventions of the cinematic language.”