30. September 2006

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Alchemie (Alchemy) Thomas Köner / Jürgen Reble



The Alchemie performance is a film and sound projection lasting about an hour. The source material of this work disintegrates during the alchemy, it disappears. Each performance is thus unparalleled and unique.

During projection, hardly recognisable forms initially emerge from the nothingness, standing out and slowly pulsating. The structures, becoming visible by degrees perish, take on ambiguous forms, are drawn to the abstract metrics of the film emulsion. The disintegration of the film is irreversible and takes place at the climax of the performance: the projection ignites the images and brings about its own end.

The work unfolds from a prepared ten-metre film loop. During projection, this loop is initially treated mechanically and then with chemicals. Its shaping and dissolution are visible.

This treatment produces sounds that are used to create a musical process. The harmonic spectra of the vibrating projectors are situated in the soundscape. The fizzling and steaming of the chemicals, amplified by microphones, is made malleable through interventions in the internal structure of sound. The timbre as a smooth relief corresponding to the decolouring of the image – finally disintegrated into brittle particles – to dust.

© Alchemie

© Alchemie