15. October 2005

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

The Necks Austral

Chris ABRAHAMS | piano

Lloyd SWANTON | double bass

Tony BUCK | drums

In its classical jazz trio arrangement of piano, bass and drums the Australian trio The Necks has consequently been following a quite unique way since its foundation in 1987 to generate a music of great staying power out of the continuous variation and metamorphosis of small motivistic units; a music of highest intensity, yet also relaxation, a music about the perception of time, about its passing and the loss of a sense of time.

This music literally grows from nothing. Its origin is pure concentration, waiting, silence—a silence that easily spreads to the audience and sometimes reaches a point of almost unbearable tension until one of the musicians articulates a tiny musical thought: a short rhythmical drum motif, a lean melodic phrase, a constellation of intervals on the piano, a fragmentary riff on the double bass. All that follows unfolds from this germ cell, which carries the whole, approximate 60 minutes of the track and develops an irresistible drag. The Necks’ career and its slow but steady sequence of steps reads like a metaphor of their music. The musicians, each of them also involved in other projects, gather once or twice a year for longer periods of work for tours and studio recordings. Without giving in to a quick, superficial pressure for success, the trio has continuously refined their incomparable manner of play. By now, they have reached a kind of cult status, on the one hand leaning onto pioneers of musical minimalism like Terry Riley, Steve Reich, La Monte Young and Charlemange Palestine, on the other hand showing experiences with rock and pop music along the lines of German trance rock à la Can, or with James Brown, Dub Reggae, the infinite loops of the art rock group This Heat, and certainly inspired by the cool and casual elegance of Bill Evans or Miles Davis. Nevertheless, The Necks’ music remains unique: it is as hypnotizing as awakening, as easy-going as present.


"The Necks have been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body".


© The Necks

© The Necks