07. October 2005

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Studio Percussion graz Wolfgang Rihm: Tutuguri IV

"…the free and wild calls….get pure droning as a response: the bang marking the beginning and the end of music…"
(Wolfgang Rihm)

Tutuguri is the name of a dancing priest in the old cultural history of Mexico. Shortly before his death in 1948, the author Antonin Artaud, creator of the "Theatre of Cruelty", wrote the epic "Tutuguri", subtitled as "Rite of the Black Sun". This strangely dark and abstract poem vaguely describes a bloody ritual act. The "thought of a dark and bright cult" fascinated Rihm; in rediscovering the mythical dimensions of the rite he saw the chance to have the "instinct life of sounds" unfold in the "desire for total liberty" and to have this liberated music follow nothing but its own laws and rules. Artaud’s world of thoughts comes close to this musical vision in a way that it lacks context and rather is a "blast". Thus, "Tutuguri music" for Rihm "needs to reach us in its original pure form, naked, as the state of music. It needs itself to become the call."
© Jürgen Dietrich

© Jürgen Dietrich