14. October 2005

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Pierre Favre: The Drummers "Pool Pulse Puzzle"

Markus Lauterburg, Norbert Pfammatter, Chris Jaeger, Fabian Kuratli, Julian Sartorius, Pierre Favre

Pierre Favre has written a quite diverse repertoire for The Drummers. On a high level, the musicians show various facets of complex rhythms and structures; amazing soundscapes are created—an exciting drum festival without one figure gaining sole dominance over the others. With their different characters, each of the six drummers has created their very own styles.

Pierre Favre was dreaming of the chance for sounding percussion, of the orchestral dimension of the drums, which made him give birth to “The Drummers”. The percussion ensemble gathered some of Switzerland’s best drummers from different generations and with different temperaments.

It is this mysterious form of energy that links “The Drummers” on stage, and which spreads to the audience during a performance—very quickly, the listener becomes part of this impressive musical happening.

With the friendly support of Pro Helvetia


© Pierre Favre

© Pierre Favre