08. October 2005

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Mira Calix (Live) | electronics, visuals, insects

Sound artist DJing Chantal Passamonte alias Mira Calix, who was born in South Africa and is now living in England, is an anomaly for various reasons: as the only musician of the English cult label WARP she withdraws herself from the men-dominated abstractionist sounds and prefers to explore psycho-geographic regions. Her albums are small, fragile works of art, fully loaded with funny, playful and mostly profoundly cynical energy.

While her latest works (like “Skimskitta”, 2003) could pass as ambient electronica with the sound of a subcutaneous-transatlantic coalition between her and Susanne Brokesch, Mika’s two WARP records “Nunu” and “3 Commissions” (a courtesy work for the Royal Festival Hall together with the London Sinfonietta) feature the “musicality” of special insects. Similar to G. Revell’s “The Insect Musicians” (Grey Area, 1994), the albums path the way to a psychedelic state of levitation by the connection of “archeological” and modern sounds. The surrounding ambience—like a far-east sound garden—is transferred into the acoustic microcosm of nature. In “Nunu”, Calix constructs a 20-minute sonata with a strong touch of chamber music. Yet, this chamber is, like so many other things, in unreachable distance and within one’s grasp at the same time. Perception of space and time are forced to crash when the heartbeat becomes the dominating rhythm because the surrounding has been filled with shimmering, buzzing and floating. Calix: “ I love insects. They are constantly around us and they are wonderful musicians.”

© Mira Calix

© Mira Calix