14. October 2005

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

"Der böse Zustand“ (“The bad state”)

Christopher Roithner | guitar

Michael Bruckner | guitar

Judith Unterpertinger | piano

Lukas Wällstedt | bass

Bernhard Breuer | drums

Guest musicians:

Wolfgang Schiftner | saxophone

Dietmar Bruckmayr | vocals

For four years now, fully loaded and with a strong draft, the crew has been maneuvering through foggy accord gorges, pushed forward by sharp chord winds and whipped by powerful bass storms. Judith Unterpertinger and Christoph Roithner are the moving forces behind this acoustic climate. Their compositions range from subtle melodious structures over rocky and biting passages to freely improvised sound conglomerates. The wild trip’s destination is uncertain. What counts are the community, the teamwork, the game. Stories are told, sung, turned into rhythms; musical forms are constructed just to be broken down to new pieces again; emotions are dissected and forces freed. On board are a great number of tools and instruments, which are to counteract “the bad state”. Unnecessary ballast is deliberately turned down.

Each musician is feeding a high-voltage field with personal style elements through which the ship is making its way to the depths of musical consciousness. On occasion, passengers like Wolfgang Schiftner and Dietmar Bruckmayr are welcomed on board to deliver new impulses. The ship lies hard in the storm of time, on the verge of overbalancing. Yet, buoyancy prevails, sympathy, communication and music triumph. Just go ahead and drift with the wake.


© Der Böse Zustand

© Der Böse Zustand