15. October 2005

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

C4I by Ryoji Ikeda. Produced by Forma.

Ryoji Ikeda is among the most influential representatives of contemporary audiovisual art. His ultra-minimalist compositions zoom into the digital world around us and make mathematical-physical processes audible. In his CDs, installations and audio sculptures, which are on display in the most significant exhibitions worldwide, he generates the signals of the future for today: reduction, until nothing remains but pulsating sinus tones, pulverized sounds, lines and spots.

Born in 1966 and active since 1995, Ikeda used to be a member of the multimedia performance group Dumbtype, collaborated with the photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto, the architect Toyo Ito, and with a number of musicians, among them Carsten Nicolai as Cyclo. For his installation “C4I” the sound artist extended the parameters from communication and information theory of „communication, command, control/intelligence“ by a fourth dimension: data become resonance codes of our daily lives which are to sensitize our senses for data mapping developments of society and nature. “C4I” once more proves Ikeda’s qualities to short-circuit poetic and political ambitions, to get hold of the convergences between philosophy, abstraction and science, and to lead digital processes to a zen-like concept of beauty.

© Ryoji Ikeda

© Ryoji Ikeda