08. October 2005

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

Armchair Traveller

Silvia OCOUGNE | guitars, string instruments

Hella von PLOETZ | glass harp

Werner DURAND | traditional and self-made wind instruments

Sebastian HILKEN | cello, frame drum, percussion

With us, the world comes out the power plug! „Armchair Traveller“ puts the clichés of market-strategically styled world music upside down, plays upside down, twists the facts to come up with real, authentic, ethnic music of today. It’s real because everything about it is unreal; it’s authentic because it’s newly invented, nevertheless to sound archaic; it denies its origins by not denying them; it plays with exotic atmospheres, yet only over the banks of multiple refractions. Sebastian Hilken’s cello—bristled with paper clips—sounds like the mbira, the African thumb piano; Werner Durand’s PVC-pipes with plastic bag membranes and saxophone mouthpieces attached to it can generate the sound of a drilling machine. Hella von Ploetz rubs the glass sticks of her glass harp with water or strokes its resonance plate with a bow to make it sound like the mirage-like tooting of an ocean liner in the middle of the desert or the trumpeting of elephants. Silvia Ocougne plays modified guitars—tiny children’s guitars, samba guitars, one with its strings crossed—, yet they don’t sound like guitars. Flowerpots and pizza tin foils are given their voices. The traveller in the armchair discovers—both alienated and fascinated—the alien in himself.

© Jens Komossa

© Jens Komossa