15. October 2005

Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche

„Distant Cousins“

Fast Forward | steel pan

Min Xiao-Fen | pipa (Chinese lute)

“Distant Cousins” is a composition for steel pan and pipa. The piece was written by Fast Forward for the Sounds Like Now festival in New York and extended for its European premiere at the Klangraum Krems. Fast Forward and Min Xiao-Fen have worked in collaboration for years now; their music gives an inkling of China’s and Trinidad’s taste and odors.

Fast Forward has composed, arranged, created, constructed, and demolished music since 1975. He became internationally known for his music performances and his intense musical experiments with the Trinidadian steel pan or steel drum.

Chinese Min Xiao-Fen used to be the Nanjing National Music Orchestra’s pipa soloist and won several pipa competitions in China. She has made herself a name with her virtuosity and her fluent style. She feels at home with both classical, as well as contemporary music, and jazz performance. She has played with prominent orchestras and at several music festivals worldwide. Her solo CD “The Moon Rising” was rated one of the best CDs of 1996 by the BBC Music Magazine.

© Jack Vartoogian

© Jack Vartoogian