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Imago Dei Easter Festival 2021 postponed to June, 4 to 27

In the weeks before Easter the Klangraum Krems in the medieval Minorite Church showcases an extraordinary spring festival that captivates all the senses. Each year a diverse programme focuses on a theme dedicated to this special time of year. With music from different eras, cultures, and religions, with literature, film, and related discourse, the Imago Dei Easter Festival invites us to pause for a moment and become inspired in various ways. In 2021 the guiding theme “Backlight” is dedicated to the dialectics of light and darkness. “It’s the contrasts that teach us to understand the world. Who has not seen darkness is not able to perceive light.” (Japanese folk wisdom)

But unfortunately, the sustained uncertain situation – in which we don’t know whether and under which circumstances events can happen and if artists can travel here from abroad – has left us no choice but to postpone Imago Dei to June.

You will find all new dates HERE

Press photos

Festival photos Imago Dei 2021 zum Download

Portraits of the artists (Easterfestival Imago Dei 2021)

Atmosphere Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche and Easterfestival Imago Dei

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Easterfestival Imago Dei 2019

Festivalphotos Imago Dei 2019

Soundart 2020

Bernhard Leitner "Ton.Würfel" (Sound Cube), Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche (july, 1 to september, 27)

Photos  Bernhard Leitner "Ton.Würfel" (Sound Cube)

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