Imago Dei 2013


Room size


maximum of 256 seats or 500 standing persons respectively


Main nave:

26 m x 6.7 m (179 m2)


Northern side nave:

26 m x 4.7 m (effective area: appr. 136 m2)


Southern side nave:

25.6 m x 4.7 m (effective area: appr. 139 m2)


Apse (quire):

appr. 9 m x 9 m (appr. 80 m2)



appr. 9 m x 10 m (91.6 m2)


Stage size:

appr. 6 m x 5.9 m (effective area: appr. 36 m2)

Enlargement possible by mobile pre-stage (2 m deep x 6m wide)


Total stage area: appr. 152 m2 including side areas


Due to the high age of the building’s structure and the resulting asymmetric room geometry all indications of measurements and area sizes are but approximations!


Further data Door measurements for deliveries: 1.7 m wide / 2.7 m high
Floor weight capacity: 500 kg load factor
Heating options: floor heating and underground convector heaters

Plan of Klangraum Krems Minoritechurch
Here you can download the plan of Klangraum Krems Minoritechurch: