Imago Dei 2013


The Stein Minorite Church dating back to the 13th century is one of the oldest Mendicant orders’ churches and was secularized in the 18th century. Since then, the Gothic church has been used for various purposes: as salt or tobacco deposit or as headquarter of Stein’s fire brigade.
Since the early 1990s the wonderfully atmospheric room with its 14th-century frescos has served as “art room” (starting as exhibition room of the “Kunsthalle Krems”).
Under consideration of acoustic, architectural and spiritual specifications well-adapted music and sound art concepts have been developed since the founding of the Kunsthalle Krems in 1992.
Concerts and other project apply to the presetting: advanced positions of contemporary music, leaving behind traditional forms of reception in a classical concert hall and integrating the room itself as a musical parameter. With the NÖ Festival und Kino GmbH taking over the church rooms and the following comprehensive renovations of the exterior and interior the possibilities for further programming could be extended.

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© Herta Hurnaus

© Herta Hurnaus

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