© Kristof Vrancken

Circuit03 Jeroen Vandesande

The Belgian sound artist Jeroen Vandesande (born 1986) completed his master degree at LUCA School of Arts in Gent and has been working as a professional sound artist since 2004. Details

03/06/2016 - 31/07/2016

Thursday 02. June 2016

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Quebrada Escondida Rubén D'Hers

In his work Quebrada Escondida the Berlin-based Venezuelan guitarist and sound artist Rubén D’Hers presents 15 string instruments, which are situated on the floor of the Kapitelsaal. A cloud of cables hangs from the ceiling, drooping down almost to the strings of the instruments. Details

05/03/2016 - 02/10/2016

Friday 04. March 2016

© Zimoun

Klangarchitektur Zimoun

The Swiss sound artist Zimoun creates a new project in Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche. Details

22/05/2015 - 26/07/2015

Thursday 21. May 2015

Primitive Komplexität Zimoun

Zimoun’s organic installations and sound sculptures emerge in an interplay between mechanics, movement, and physically created sounds. They are delicate works with a poetic playfulness, simultaneously simple and complex, results of repetition and fine anomalies, routine and coincidence. Details

14/03/2015 - 04/10/2015

Friday 13. March 2015


“Prairie” is the depiction of a grassland and its soundscape of insects, rain, wind, and other rhythmical structures. Details

23/05/2014 - 27/07/2014

Thursday 22. May 2014

OFF - 3Hz

Finnbogi Petursson’s (IS) soundart refers to the state of mind when body and brain wake up from non-REM sleep. Details

29/03/2014 - 04/05/2014

Saturday 29. March 2014

Room Pieces Krems 2013 Michael J . Schumacher

The New York composer, performance and sound artist Michael J. Schumacher has specialized on computer-generated sound environments which continually develop over longer periods of time and are subject to constant change. In his set-ups he uses loudspeaker configurations that connect the sounds of the installation with the specific architecture of the respective room. Details

24/05/2013 - 07/07/2013

Thursday 23. May 2013

Alga Soundinstallation in Klangraum Krems-Kapitelsaal

URSULA SCHERRER – spatial design
SHELLEY HIRSCH – sound concept

Chaos – genesis – tohu wa bohu: with voices, sea algae and light, the two New York artists Ursula Scherrer (space design) and Shelley Hirsch (sound concept) will create a space similar to the first signs of order after the “tohu wa bohu”—a space prior to the first sunrise. The term “tohu wa bohu” is a Hebrew phrase (Genesis 1:2) and means chaos and emptiness (Luther); it describes the original state of being before creation.

03/03/2013 - 05/05/2013

Saturday 02. March 2013