01/07/2017 - 30/07/2017

Friday 30. June 2017 04:30

PAPER ORCHESTRA (2013) Pierre Bastien

Open July 1 – 30 & September 28 – October 1, 2017

Open on Glatt&Verkehrt HerbstZeitlos festival days at the end of the respective concert evening.


The French musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Pierre Bastien has been constructing mechanical sound machines for many years now. In the tradition of Dadaism, he builds musical robots from everyday found objects, such as household appliances, office materials, or children toys, and imbues them with a totally new life. He has made a name for himself not only in music circles but also in the forums of the visual art world.

Paper is the main element in this 14-part automatic orchestra: strips, sheets, and snippets of paper, like those we find in printers or shredders, are brought to life by fans and blowers; rustling, clattering, and fluttering, hitting against boards or drum membranes, paper organs and flutes create ghostly melodies. Each instrument has its own sound and combines with the others into an ensemble. The product is a large, multi-piece sound composition. Bastien presents a unique and touching visual and acoustic installation, which unifies avant-garde and classical music, the atonal and the melodic.

© Anne-Laure Chamboissier

© Anne-Laure Chamboissier