24/05/2013 - 07/07/2013

Thursday 23. May 2013 06:00

Room Pieces Krems 2013 Michael J . Schumacher

The New York composer, performance and sound artist Michael J. Schumacher has specialized on computer-generated sound environments which continually develop over longer periods of time and are subject to constant change. In his set-ups he uses loudspeaker configurations that connect the sounds of the installation with the specific architecture of the respective room. For his Room Pieces Krems 2013, 18 different speakers will be positioned in different places throughout the church. Each speaker will excite and define its own acoustic territory. Countless different sounds and rhythms will be sent through this sound topography demonstrating the acoustic character of this sacral room. In addition, microphones will be placed, creating interactions between the various sub-spaces defined by the speakers.
The visitors are invited to explore this constantly shifting and surprising terrain while it is up to the recipient whether to move through the room or to remain still.