03/03/2013 - 05/05/2013

Saturday 02. March 2013 05:00

Alga Soundinstallation in Klangraum Krems-Kapitelsaal

In the beginning was tohu wa bohu: The Swiss artists Ursula Scherrer and the US-American singer and composer Shelley Hirsch create a room prior to the first sunrise. The term “tohu wa bohu” is a Hebrew phrase and means chaos and emptiness. It describes the original state of being before Creation (Genesis 1:2). Soon after the separation of the sky and the seas were the algae. With symbioses of single cell organisms, life started. ALGA – an installation of two Krems-based Artists in Residence. From sea algae, light and voices Scherrer and Hirsch create a primeval space. Tohu wa bohu – an exploration of the light before it had an origin. In the beginning was…